Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i take lots of calls at work. this is just one of them.

lady: i'd like information on the use of cannabis. i'm having strange side effects and want to know if that's normal.  blah blah blah.  she had a lot to say but i'd stopped listening. i've gotten very good at knowing what i need to listen to and what i don't.

me: well is it prescribed by your doctor?

lady (with attitude): *snort* no. it's illegal.

me (thought in my head): not in california idiot. 

me: what side effects are you experiencing? who am i speaking with?

lady (again with attitude): *scoff* i'm not giving you my name.

me (in my head): lady you are paranoid. i wouldn't care if you were smoking crack. i only want your name so i can get credit for taking this call. 

me: what side effects do you feel you are experiencing?

lady: blah blah blah

i gave her the information i had and offered to email it to help keep her privacy.

lady: i've done research on the websites and nothing addresses what i'm experiencing. i've had MS for a long time, i don't take any drugs for it and my MS doesn't really bother me. i don't view cannabis as a medication.

me: so then why did you start taking cannabis?????

this lady is an idiot for the following reasons:
1. she gave me attitude right off the bat. if you are seeking advice and knowledge from someone DON'T give them attitude.
2. if you are in fact using cannabis for the reasons you outlined than it is in fact a medication.
3. she started taking an illegal drug (turns out she lives in nyc) and is paranoid about it. 
4. she started using cannabis to address symptoms that are common side effects of MS without researching it or any other treatment possibilities, including legal drugs and alternative therapies.
5. again she is paranoid about it which means she is unwilling to talk to her doctor or any other professional making it impossible for her to really know how all of this is affecting HER. you can research the interweb all you want but the fact of the matter is IT doesn't know your medical history. IT can't tell you what is your MS, what is the cannabis or if it's something completely unrelated or not. 

the points of this lesson:

if cannabis makes you feel better go for it but at least know what you are getting into. fyi this applies for all medical treatments you are considering.

don't give me attitude

sometimes i start out a post thinking it's going to be funny and it turns into a rant. i'm going to go take a hit and revisit this post...maybe then it will be funny. 

Friday, May 22, 2009


Perusing through the stuff saved on our dvr and I come across "Glee". A friend had just mentioned it so I decided to watch. umm....it's FANTASTIC! I lol'ed, grinned like Fat Albert getting a second piece of cake, happy emotions were had. I even felt, shall I say (and I shall) gleeful. The kicker: they sang Journey throughout!! They had me at "you make me weak..."

Here's the pilot. Watch it. Love it. Be gleeful.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new hobby

My friend Alysha is teaching me about photography. I had my first photo shoot tonight, I was in heaven the whole time! Here are my favorites.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Here are the thoughts currently in my head:

1) There are some blaring inconsistencies in the movie Pretty Woman. Vivan charges $20 to personally escort Edward from Hollywood to Beverly Hills yet her price is $100/hour? A drive to Beverly Hills with a bus ride return would take AT LEAST 1.5 hours but probably more. On top of that think of all the lost potential revenue during those hours. From a business side, what a HORRIBLE decision. Let this be a lesson to all of you in the service industry.

2) I am sad 95% of the time and am terrified that I will always be.

3) I hate it when books have an introduction. I never know if I need to read it or not and I don't want to waste my time reading it if it's not important to the story. A majority of the time it's not but you never know. To those of you in the publishing world STOP having introductions to books, if the information is that important put it in the actual story.

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