Friday, February 24, 2012


A ceiling at Getty Villa

Get in close. Make 'em laugh. 

 Ferris Wheel Santa Monica Pier

Riding the pirate ship on Santa Monica Pier. Only one adult allowed per row. One of the tamest rides I've ever been on and Paula gets motion sickness. I kept swaying in a circles to hopes of increasing Paula's motion sickness; what can I say I'm the youngest I like to annoy people. She started yelling, "You're making it worse." The "adult" in the row behing me started yelling, "Make it worse! Make it worse!" Everyone on my side of the ship started swaying in circles. 
One of my favorite photos from the day. 

There are a lot of great photos from the day and most of them are posted on Facebook, so if you want to see more go there.


New Year's Eve 2011 was the 110th anniversary of Angel's Flight, in celebration rides cost the same amount as when it opened. ONE CENT. In today's $$ it cost $0.25. That's a huge discount incase math isn't your strong suit. You better believe I rode the s#%# out of that ride. The best part was saying "keep the change" when you handed the collector $0.10. Or telling your group that the next ride was on you.

Renee and I then hopped the subway (neither one of us had taken the subway in LA before) to Union Station. She had never been. We were both blown away, me that she had no idea that Union Station even existed and her that she had no idea that Union Station existed and that it's as awesome as it is.

Best Donuts in LA.


 My photo class!

Candy Cane Lane, El Segundo



Palma de Majorca, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Marseille, France


Rome, Italy

Vatican City

Bruges, Belgium


More street art. I went around LA and took tons of photos of street art as a gift for a friend.

Downtown LA Arts district. 


I've been learning about photography, I'm taking it slow. Took my first class in December, which means I kind of know how to shoot in manual mode. Anyway, I thought I should start posting photos, my goal is at least one a month but we shall see. Due to popular demand we will do some time travel and start with September.

All photos are straight from my camera because I am a purist. And I don't own photo editing software.

Both of these are from a wall of graffiti located on that odd side street which runs diagonal between Barrington and Pico in WLA. The wall has since been torn down which means officially that I am a documentarian!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Nerve!

I have a pinched sciatic nerve. It has happened before and probably will again, it's not fun. This time I have a constant dull aching pain with some numbness and tingling that goes all the way from my lower back to my left foot. Sitting for long periods is a pain. Which means work = pain. A phenomena not unique to my situation.

All this to say I visited my local drug dealer and found some delights.

Holy Crash Test Dummies, my co-workers have a sense of humor.

You are what you are. Own it.

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