Wednesday, December 29, 2010


These are amazing. I want. I want. I. WANT. Clutches that appear to be books. Books that are actually clutches. So sneaky and utterly charming.

buy my expensive gift here:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Creation of Cybersex

The other night I got together with a group of friends to watch the original Tron. I was excited to finally re-watch this iconic film. I have a distinct memory of watching it on VHS with my older brother at our next door neighbors house and quite frankly being bored. To be fair the film wasn't intended for the 5-6 year old girl crowd, I was probably pissed there weren't bears or ponies. "Where are my Care Bear Stares dammit!" *Side note did you know that the Care Bears were originally created for use on greeting cards by American Greetings? Fascinating. **Double side note, I also remember going to the local video store (no Blockbuster than, or for that matter now, folks) and seeing the Care Bear Movie resting on a high shelf bathed in a celestial florescent light with its siren call, "Rent me. Rent me. RENT ME. I will change your life." I snatched it up and then waited impatiently for my father to rent a VHS player.

Back to Tron, beyond my memory of watching it the only thing I remembered of the actual film were colored lines chasing across the screen. So yeah I was excited to refresh my memory.

The film's not that good, turns out I was a wise 5 year old. BUT there are some golden moments such as the deleted scene found below. Which I dub the creation of cybersex. That's right I said it, DISNEY CREATED CYBERSEX. You read it here first people.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ask The Rocker

My friend Todd just launched a new website Ask The Rocker.

Every time I see Todd he raves about how much I look like his hot aunt (by marriage).

Absolute hilarity.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


A great short documentary about the emergence of skate boarding in Afghanistan.  Fascinating the impact a "toy" can have on a life.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jesus Gave Me A Tap Out

Today is a day I am teetering between wanting to cry because I feel like the absolute most worst person in the world and wanting to rip people's heads off because they are absolute morons. All the while I am stuffing my face with See's candy* (thanks for that pound box Amy the 10 or so pieces I've had today are really putting me on the marriage track).

I feel like Chunk from Goonies:  "At 9:05 wished ill will on a loved one. At 9:05:32 envisioned exclaiming "nah na na na na" with relish. At 9:10 jealousy and envy burned within me. At 9:10:01 realized these are the reasons why no one loves me. WAAAAHHHH."

"Have I done any good in the world today?" NO! Strike me down Jesus. Strike me down! I am not of Thy flock...Lament. Lament. LAAAAment.

Instead Jesus gave me a tap out.

The Trouble With Coupons  from Hyperbole and a Half

Now I love me some coupons but there is a place and a time. I once got asked out on date with the line, "I have a coupon we can use." I also once got a coupon for Ralph's as a Secret Santa Gift. I was pissed.

That being said, I really really really want to see someone give a stripper a coupon for Applebee's.

*The See's Candy box is now empty. Emptying it was my only solution for implementing damage control.
**I didn't eat it all today. I've been nursing the box since last week. Is it too late? Did I chase all the men away?? Anyone? Anyone? 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Danny and Annie

In an era filled with divorce it's hard to believe that a marriage such as this is possible, it's so nice to know that it is. May we all strive to love as Danny and Annie do.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 years: August 19, 2008

Here are some of the things you've missed mom.

I finally made it to DC

I celebrated Rahne's B-day with her and Kristen in Baltimore.

We elected our first black president.

I took a three week trip all by myself to Thailand...

and Cambodia. Check solo journey off of my bucket list.

I got a hair cut and my first set of highlights.

I bought an SLR camera and decided to learn how to take's a slow process.

We went on a family camping trip. We really enjoyed ourselves?

I turned 31 and got 30 gifts from the 99 cent store!

Rahne and Kristen came for a visit!

I almost died visiting CC in Detroit.

We had a belly dancer at our apartment. HOT HOT HOT

Went Zorbing...
black water rafting in glow worm caves...
and went to jail...
in New Zealand.

I started wearing bikinis, I know you're not happy about that but what are you going to do about it?
Went snorkeling and rode a water slide (A LOT ) in the Great Barrier Reef.
Watched people take camel rides at a beach in Australia, we thought it was rather strange too.

Matthew and Chelsea spent Thanksgiving driving a golf cart,
doing the chicken dance,

and learning how to skate board.

Spent Christmas and

New Years in Germany.

Thankfully we all survived.

Bubba died so we took Tannen on a trip to Salvation Mountain.

Jen and I took a photo exploration of Downtown LA.

We did cartwheels in the poppy fields,

I fell every time. Not successful once. Not. A. One.

Ran Ragnar again and helped our team start a rivalry with this other team.

Fox Crawling from Tiffany Jordan on Vimeo.

I taught a baby how to crawl.

Turned 32 and had the best birthday ever.

I went night swimming, got caught in a rip tide and almost died all while skinny dipping. Thankfully there are no pictures.

I successfully summited Mt. Whitney with Mike and Amy. I also got altitude sickness, I vomited six times shortly after this picture was taken.

Chelsea and I attend cousin Kelsi's wedding.

Grandma Jordan is still as short as ever.

We miss you and dad.

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