Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Year: Judi Barlow Jordan

senior portrait 1963

wedding day March 22, 1968

Birthday: August 27, 2005
(not much happened between 1968 & least not digitally)

When I was younger my mom would make fudge Easter eggs for friends, neighbors and us. Everything hand made. Everything decorated by hand. In 2006 I made her make them with me. These are probably some of the last images I have of her because the MS was really starting to physically change her appearance. Every time I was home I'd take pictures of her but to be honest they weren't very flattering and thus got deleted. Even though she would kill me for posting these, I can't not because all I see now is an extremely beautiful woman whom I miss terribly.

think her eyes are amazing in this picture. I could stare at them all day.

Finished product.

Mom and me.


AmyJune said...

I love that last picture of the two of you. What a beautiful tribute to your very talented mother.

rachel thurston said...

moms..probably Gods most beautiful creation. thanks for such a touching post. I miss her for you.

Alysha said...

She's beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My heart feels for you.

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