Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A good reminder for me.

Love is real, real is love, 
Love is feeling, feeling love, 
Love is wanting to be loved. 
Love is touch, touch is love, 
Love is reaching, reaching love, 
Love is asking to be loved. 
Love is you, 
You and me, 
Love is knowing, 
We can be. 
Love is free, free is love, 
Love is living, living love, 
Love is needing to be loved. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


morning was pretty average for me today. i awake at 7 and refuse to get out of bed. 8:02 alarm goes off. snooze button hit. 8:12 alarm goes off. snooze button hit. i continue to lie awake in bed.  mornings really aren't my thing. plus i can feel the heat emanating from my window. finally i emerge from the bed to ready myself for work. all the while disliking the heat & dryness in the air, on my skin, my hair...everywhere. 8:55 time to depart for work. i hop in the car and start driving. then it hits me pure CONTENTMENT. a brief second of huh? then realization hits. AIR CONDITIONING. i LOVE it. the cold air flowing over my skin denying the heat it's rightful victory. the environmental side of me thinks this is wrong but every other part of me screams ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. 

you have to understand i grew up in a town where 95 degrees was a reprieve from the heat. air conditioning was my savior. i have a fond memory of walking home from school in the oppressive heat when all of a sudden a mirage...my father. in a car. pulling up along side me. i tentatively reach out for the door. GLORY BE. it's real!! i leap into the car and immediately feel the sweet sweet ecstasy of air conditioning.

Monday, April 20, 2009

remember when.

remember when birkenstocks were all the rage.

i'm waiting for the day when we can reminisce about crocs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

suck it.

sometimes that's what i want to say to life.
to that end, here are some things that can really piss me off.


to counter here are a few things that usually brighten my day.

http://rachelthurston.blogspot.com/ photography is my favorite medium of art and i love her's.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

episode ii

return of the tool

A co-worker walks into my office today and asks a question which addresses both the tool and I:

co-worker: "Can I borrow this chair?"
me: shrug of the shoulders "sure."
-a brief conversation ensues between me and said co-worker. it ends she is about to leave.-
the tool: "Uh. That's actually MY chair. It's for when I have meetings in here people have a place to sit."
-silence and awkward stares-
co-worker: "So can I borrow it?"
the tool: "Yes. I appreciate the ask."

Co-worker and I exchange knowing glances as she leaves.

Seriously?! What is wrong with this guy????

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