Monday, April 6, 2009

episode ii

return of the tool

A co-worker walks into my office today and asks a question which addresses both the tool and I:

co-worker: "Can I borrow this chair?"
me: shrug of the shoulders "sure."
-a brief conversation ensues between me and said co-worker. it ends she is about to leave.-
the tool: "Uh. That's actually MY chair. It's for when I have meetings in here people have a place to sit."
-silence and awkward stares-
co-worker: "So can I borrow it?"
the tool: "Yes. I appreciate the ask."

Co-worker and I exchange knowing glances as she leaves.

Seriously?! What is wrong with this guy????


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Alysha said...

Wow! Do you have an office only set of headphones yet?

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