Thursday, October 29, 2009

trying hard

where do i begin?!!! so i began this post with the intention of demonstrating how horrible i am at trying hard, with a humorous slant of course. then i thought, "isn't there a quote about trying hard and being successful?" so i googled "the harder you try" and guess what had for me, "Why is it the harder you try the more it seems you fail?" as a resolved question nonetheless. who knew yahoo had the answers to my life!

this was the answer picked by the asker, "There's such a thing as trying too hard. Once that point is reached, the extra pressure you put on yourself begins to negatively affect your performance. It's a mental thing more than anything else..."


i liked this answer by insanity better "because the harder you try the harder the goal is. you judge how big the goal is then try as hard and do as little as necessary to achieve that goal. if you try extremely hard at somehting easy like making cereal you wouldnt fail. but since we try hard at things that we see as tough like maybe acing our finals sometimes it is just out of our reach. its not that every time you try hard you fail, its that every time there is a tough goal to accomplish you try hard and sometimes it is out of reach. so if you try hard and you fail it is the goal that makes you fail."

thank you insanity. thank you.

now that we are all armed with these two spectacular answers let's get back to me. i too fail when i try really hard. for example, back in august my sister rahne came to visit. i don't know her very well and she is my big sis so i want her to like me.

my goal: impress her

action taken: tell her my roommate was black and that i say funny racists jokes to her all the time. this was all done within less than 10 minutes of her arrival. we were in fact still bringing in their luggage from the car.


i also took a picture of a bowl-legged man while we were on a hike.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

the www is my downfall

you ever have something really funny to say, so funny that you've even planned your blog post about it? that was me this morning towards the end of my 13 hour plane ride. i couldn't wait to get home and rip this blog out but the www refused to work for HOURS! torturous, i know.

i now realize that the majority of the humor was based off of the delirium of a long plane ride, sitting in the last row of the plane next to the bathrooms (lesson learned: always travel with personal sachet of potpourri. vicks vapor rub might actually be better, those fume forced eye closures might at least induce sleep.), watching 6 moives and not one minute of sleep. to sum up, i was cranky as hell. the woman two rows in front of me and her choice of head adornment almost pushed me over the edge.

in case you can't tell those are koala ears, which she wore throughout the plane ride and prior to boarding, who knows how long she had them on before that. lady you are 45 not 5 it's not cute just lame. i'm willing to bet that she also owns an embroidered mickey mouse denim shirt and bedazzled crocks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

busy and proud

Quick update: Life has been rather busy lately, especially work. I have gained additional responsibilities without losing any others, don't you love it when that happens? Unfortunately it's because they had to lay a few people off. Thankfully I am very excited about my new responsibilities. I will now be running a weekend long camp for kids who have MS this summer. This is right up my alley and it kind of makes me want to get up and dance.

Well ok a new lover could probably only make you that excited but you get the point. and if you haven't seen 500 days of summer you should it's great. i've seen it twice.

I'm also in charge of family programming and scholarships. I wrote all of the bios for last years recipients (except the first 5) and created this website:

I am good at my job. It feels good to say that because for most of the time I've worked here I haven't felt like I was. I think being so bogged down with family things was the largest culprit of that. I'm still sad about all of that but I guess with time...

Next weekend I am going to New Zealand and Australia with my friend Alysha and I will be spending Christmas in Germany. Lot's of travel ahead! 

p.s. Everything I do just came on Pandora. Still makes my 7th grade heart swoon.

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