Tuesday, October 20, 2009

did you know?

did you know that australia requires a visa? i didn't.


AmyJune said...

Oh wow-does that mean you got denied entrance?

Tiffany said...

we got in but only after the ladies at the virgin blue check-in counter called the australia immigration office and begged them to allow us in. :)

Stephen Andrew said...
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Stephen Andrew said...

My mom and I encountered the same problems when we went there to deliver <a href="http://yourweddingdays.com”>bridal shower invitations</a>.

Ma. Angela said...

Australia is great. My cousins live at Toronto. People are nice and lots of good food. We went fishing and visited famous landmarks. It was a terrific 1 month stay!

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robert said...

All countries usually require a VISA. UK requires one (and a test to boot). USA, of course, requires a VISA, too.

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