Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day Was A Good Day

May 24th is my birthday. It was a good day.

It began with this. 

I was waiting for Dave, he was taking me for a birthday breakfast. He was late. He finally came and we went to John O'Groats (aka John O'Goats). And it was good.

Then I saw this:
I politely inquired, "What is on your shirt?" The whole shirt was than revealed and we had a modest little chuckle.

The whole shirt:
In reality I heartily exclaimed, "What's on your shirt?" and then we both laughed very hard, very long and I very loud. It was a very very moment.

Then I got to work and saw this: sorry it's crooked can't get it to flip for some reason.

an hour later I saw this:

Yes those are my co-workers all wearing the same shirt. This isn't even all of them. Yes it took me an hour to realize they were all wearing the same shirt. I noticed it on the lady holding the glasses first. It took me a few seconds for my brain to figure out that 1) she was in fact wearing Dave's shirt 2) They did not know each other so there was no logical reason for her to be wearing the shirt 3) Dave set me up. 

I then yelled, "SHUT UP!!" and began to laugh very very very hard, very very very long and very very very loud. It was a very very very moment.

The entire office heard me laughing. That's how they knew I had found out. My laughing was the signal. And they all began filing in. THEY JUST KEPT COMING! The whole office. ALL wearing MY face on their shirts.  


This picture was actually taken at least two minutes in to me laughing. I just kept laughing and saying, "Where's my camera? Where's my camera?" They all just stood there exactly as you see them, watching me. 

Some of my co-workers took me to lunch. Connie was the only one brave enough to wear the shirt.
I was a little peeved. Not only did they not all wear the shirt but they completely disregarded my request to go to my favorite restaurant Tacomiendo and hijacked me to another for NO GOOD REASON. HArumph.

We than had gelato. I had Italian Love Portion. And it was good.

Sadly most of the other pictures that commemorate the night are on other cameras. But it did involve Tacomiendo for dinner, me taking half an hour to realize the Tacomiendo waitress was wearing the shirt, a table full of Trader Joe's (TJs) employees and yes I took a picture with them and last but not least boob jello with birthday candles as nipples. Cans this day have been any better? no. 

It was a great day. I might have even teared up a few times. I can't tell you the last time I felt that loved. 

Thank you party organizers. You are the best. Thank you so much for being my friends.


AmyJune said...

was that the best bithday surprise ever???? Is that Charity in one of your pictures?

Tiffany said...

yes, the only thing that could top it is "surprise you are married and pregnant." and yes that is charity we are good friends now.

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