Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Creation of Cybersex

The other night I got together with a group of friends to watch the original Tron. I was excited to finally re-watch this iconic film. I have a distinct memory of watching it on VHS with my older brother at our next door neighbors house and quite frankly being bored. To be fair the film wasn't intended for the 5-6 year old girl crowd, I was probably pissed there weren't bears or ponies. "Where are my Care Bear Stares dammit!" *Side note did you know that the Care Bears were originally created for use on greeting cards by American Greetings? Fascinating. **Double side note, I also remember going to the local video store (no Blockbuster than, or for that matter now, folks) and seeing the Care Bear Movie resting on a high shelf bathed in a celestial florescent light with its siren call, "Rent me. Rent me. RENT ME. I will change your life." I snatched it up and then waited impatiently for my father to rent a VHS player.

Back to Tron, beyond my memory of watching it the only thing I remembered of the actual film were colored lines chasing across the screen. So yeah I was excited to refresh my memory.

The film's not that good, turns out I was a wise 5 year old. BUT there are some golden moments such as the deleted scene found below. Which I dub the creation of cybersex. That's right I said it, DISNEY CREATED CYBERSEX. You read it here first people.

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