Sunday, February 28, 2010

salvation mountain

i came

i saw

i conquered

how do you find salvation? by following the yellow brick road of course.

the whole thing was actually really cool. leonard knight, the artist, has lived here for 30 years while building his tribute to God. that's his cat george.

leonard uses items he finds in the desert, like branches, tires, cars, car doors etc

the core structure is adobe and the building tools he needs are mainly donated by visitors.

it's vibrant and cool. you should go.

and always remember Cod Is Love
we also stopped by the salton sea

don't go. it smells.


Alysha said...

Very cool! I have wanted to go there. What a fabulous trip!

AmyJune said...

AMAZING... fascinating. Reminds me of the house in Cambria we visited that is all made out of random stuff and trash.
Can you even imagine my reaction if I was with you?

Laura said...

Very nice pictures! Is that in the east desert? It looks a little like that area.

johnny said...

i want to go to there.

Tiffany said...

amy, your reactions would have been priceless and you would have talked leonard's ear off. i can already hear you, "i saw the most fascinating thing today..."

laura, yes it's about about an your past indio.

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