Tuesday, February 23, 2010

your order has shipped!!!

i have been experiencing a strong desire to "get out of dodge" for about three weeks now. it hit full force this past friday, so as soon as i got home from work i began researching where to go.

my answer: Salvation Mountain.  strange and kooky? PERFECT.

i didn't go. i ended up having a lot of fun friday night and thus went to bed way later than expected. got up late the next morning to a GORGEOUS day and went for a 7 mile run...i now have a new favorite run. by the time i was done it was too late in the day to start my 3 hour journey. i will be going there. very soon. let me know if you want to join.

ANYWAY doing this research got me to thinkin', "I need a guide book for CA." so i bought one.

 i am very excited and can't wait to get my book. just think of all the adventures that await me!! it was a lonely planet, after all, that shared with me the secret of the thai woman's prison that gives massages. it was fantastic! even if they stole my sunglasses...it's possible that i forgot them but them being stolen makes for a much better story.

i got the email today saying my order has shipped! oh the anxious anticipation of seeing what wonderful gems my lonely planet will hold!!!!


Insatiably Co-dependent (I just rely on myself) said...

I would so go! We could stop by Craig's on the way back for a night on the town with the "boys."

Laura said...

I love, love, love exploring locally, and I wholeheartedly approve of your decision to start your travels in your backyard. I do this lots, because it is cheaper than flying somewhere, and I don't have to sleep on a crummy hotel bed.

I strongly recommend the California poppy preserve out near Lancaster. In a few more weeks when springtime is here in earnest, it will be quite a sight to see.

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