Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I got a census packet in the mail the other day, or at least what I thought was a census packet. I found it again tonight and thought, "I should fill this out because I am a responsible American." So I pulled the papers out and began reading the "instructions". This is what I found. Begin quotation:

Dear Fellow Republican,

You are one of a carefully selected group of Republican leaders nationwide receiving the enclosed CENSUS DOCUMENT containing your 2010 Census of America's Republican Leadership. 

My GOP colleagues in the United States House of Representatives have asked me, as House Republican Leader, to enlist the nation's most knowledgeable Republican activists in uniting our Party around a principled conservative agenda.

That is the key to electing a new Republican Majority in Congress, ending Nancy Pelosi's reign as Speaker and stopping the Obama Administration's radical leftist agenda...[pictures of them were inserted here. in case i only know these individuals by face and not name, i assume.] ...before they do irreversible damage.

end quotation.

Now I must admit I am a registered republican. I know shocking. A woman living in LA who's a registered republican?! But I'm also a Mormon from the Central Valley. That's like a Mormon from the Orange County minus the $$ and breast implants. I registered when I was 18 and didn't really know what my political leanings were. My parents were republican so I registered republican. I have a few years on me now and have realized my political opinions are varied but the majority of them are more democratic in nature. 

I think Obama is doing a great job. I agree with Universal Health Care and I have no problems with paying higher taxes to get it. I agree with the concept of welfare etc. To sum up I think there are certain things (i hate using that word but i've already spent 5 minutes too long trying to think of another) that are inalienable rights and we, as a society have a responsibility to provide them.

So it's quite laughable that I've been "enlist[ed] [as one of] the nation's most knowledgeable Republican activists". What am I going to do about it? SKEW THE RESULTS!

On to the survey:

Question 1: Do you believe the Obama Administration and Nancy Pelosi's soft-on-defense, reckless spending, higher taxes, and expansive Big Government policies are the right leadership for America? YES

Question 2: Do you believe our Republican Party should be united around the conservative, free-market principles of limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense? NO

Question 6: Should House Republicans resist the Democrats' new federal government bureaucracy, excessive regulation, and socialist "spread the wealth" redistribution schemes? NO

Question 10: Should House Republicans fight military-cutting efforts in Congress, like ultra-liberal Rep. Barney Frank's proposal to slash the Pentagon's national defense budget by 25%? NO

I'll tell you what I do oppose NRCC. I oppose your biased and leading "census" questions. I oppose your unveiled effort to incite people to anger and distrust. For these reasons alone, I would disagree with you even if I agreed with you just to piss you off. 

I can't wait until they get my survey!!!!! :)


Laura said...

Awesome! Do it, Tiff--register as a democrat! I mean, I'll still like you if you decide to continue as a republican.

I really resent the kind of biased stuff like this floating around. I know both sides do it, but of course, it bugs me more when people i don't agree with do it. There's some awful trash going around about climate change from people who could not possibly be ignorant of the deceptions they're casting.

I know you don't really mention this here, but I'm just going to take this opportunity to vent about how it drives me crazy that people at church assume we're all conservative (well, not in LA or in Berkeley, but here). When they find out I'm a democrat they say things like, "don't you realize that democrats believe in the redistribution of wealth?" Of course I do! That's why I am one!

I hope they enjoy your survey. Make sure you tell them how much you support Feinstein and Boxer. It'll make their day. :)

AmyJune said...

Amen sistas!!!!! We were out to dinner with friends the other night and one person said, "I don't know how a mormon can be liberal" at which point I gladly volunteered that I voted for Obama. Love the shock factor.

Nanda said...

So I have to fill mine out, huh? Bleh. I guess I'll support the effort.

Love your post. And yes, you were right on 'the temple' on my blog - too easy for So Cal readers!

Hugs to you.

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