Monday, February 2, 2009


I often contemplate how superior I am to others. I'm slightly ashamed of this but it's true. More times than I care to admit I find myself scoffing and scorning others because they don't realize how lame they really are.

Case in point, I was in my good ol' home town of Visalia this weekend. My siblings and I went to see a few bands play at a local bar. First up a "folk" band from Seattle. They weren't folk. They lied. They were pure country which equals pure crap. Anyway, there were two men there decked out in full suites. One of whom I heard declare "I like this band." I swiveled my head shocked and appalled. Fast forward a few more songs and these dapper dan's were back and with increased DUI potential. Then the horrors of horrors began...they started dancing. It was like we were at a wedding being held in a double wide. Picture a greatly exaggerated form of the chicken dance mixed with chest bumps mixed with lots and lots of hugs. Feelings of superiority shooting through the roof.

Thankfully the evening picked up with a fantastic band called The Fruit Bats from Chicago.


johnny said...

i hate when people lie. just call a spade a spade, ya know?

i never lie. about anything. like when i say: "kung fu panda rules. you will be blinded by sheer awesomeness," it's true. even if i did fall asleep the first time i watched it.

Tiffany said...

Name a movie in which you didn't fall asleep the first time you watched it?

Alysha said...

You are too funny! Personally, I like folk and pure country. But I am a hick from the sticks.

Although I do find myself superior to others at times as well...

Glad the night ended well!

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