Thursday, July 8, 2010


Before going to bed I need to get something off of my chest. I am SO sick of shushers. You know those people who "politely" turn to you and ask you to be quite. Having spent a few years in therapy I have to admit that I am a big respecter of boundaries so my first instinct is to respect that they've shared something that displeases so I should respect and correct. 

NO MORE. I am changing my behavior right now. 

I was at a play at the Pantages tonight with some friends, its a huge theater, the play hadn't begun yet so there is a large buzz about the room as everyone chats with their companions. My friends and I are doing the same when all of a sudden the old man in front of me turns around and with a bit of agitation says, "Could you ladies please quite down?" 

What prompted this? I. Don't. Know. 

I had just told my friend that for her anniversary she should take her husband on a helicopter ride that flew to locations significant to them and as they reached each one she should take off an article of her clothing and give it to him. (Our other friend had just shared this was how her cousin had be proposed to but she got roses instead of his clothing. I'm pretty sure men would prefer an undressed woman at the end of the ride instead of a dozen roses but I could be wrong.)

Maybe the man and his puritan wife were offended?? If so then choosing to see a play with a song that praises the endowments of a man was a poor choice. 

Or maybe they found my laugh grating. Again. I don't know. And after spending way to much time stewing about it I finally came to this profound conclusion: SCREW YOU. 

We were NOT talking loud or being disruptive in anyway so old man YOU need to stop being rude and start keeping your thoughts to yourself because I don't want to hear you. 

Listen up all you shushers out there, unless someone is genuinely being disruptive (meaning more than just you and your party are annoyed) STOP SHUSHING. SUCK IT UP and DEAL WITH IT.


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