Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When I was a kid I loved carousels. They no longer hold the same magic for me that they once did. No longer is it a mythical adventure on my magic steed (the land or sea variety). No, now it's just perpetual circular rotation...no destination, you end where you begin. I feel that's what my life is right now and I'd like to get off of the ride.

Most nights I sigh with relief, "ahhh got through that day." Then I realize that it will all start over again the next day...perpetual circular motion...I hate it.

I want change but what?? That's the question(s) I don't know the answer to. When I was fed up with my old job I had a list of dream ideals for my new job, I don't have that this time. There are only three things I know I want and routinely fantasize about.

1. Marriage
2. Motherhood
3. Living in Western Europe for at least 2 years

I have no idea how to make these things happen. Well except #2, I am an expert on the kama sutra afterall. I'm just not willing to do it without #1, I blame Mormonism 101 for that.

by the way, i took the above picture.


AmyJune said...

hmmm, did I happen to be with you when you took that picture?
I call the carousel "groundhogs day", where everyday seems like the day before. (remember that movie?)

Alysha said...

You make me happy. Nice picture by the way. You are fast on your way to being professional.

Sometimes on Merry-go-rounds, I just really want to keep riding, but get on a different horse without getting kicked off of the ride. So I usually do, trade horses, that makes it exciting again.

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