Friday, April 9, 2010

Neighborhood Treasure – Pictory

Looking through these images (Neighborhood Treasure – Pictory) created an intense desire for me to go home. The strange thing is that no particular place came to mind just the strong desire to feel that amazing feeling of "ahhhh i'm home."

What places make you feel at home? What places or things where you live make you feel at home?

I think I might need to travel around LA sometime and capture my "home".


AmyJune said...

funny you mention it. This morning I am at my mom's and I went running. Nothing makes me feel more "at home" than the outdoor smell of wild flowers and ocean breeze.
You know how much I like to "smell" things. I think this is because smells evoke powerful memories. So find smoehting the smell that takes you "home". :)

Laura said...

There is a stretch of the 118 Freeway that, to me, signals that I'm home. It's a fairly nondescript section, with green vines climbing a sound wall. And the first green freeway sign to announce the offramps that lead to places I know in Chatsworth. That seems somehow sort of strangely LA that my "coming home" signal is part of a freeway, but so be it.

The LA Temple and the UCLA campus are probably the places that feel the most like home to me.

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