Tuesday, November 24, 2009


If the world really did implode in 2012 and you were in charge of determining what got destroyed, what would you destroy?

I would destroy:

1) Fox News
2) All the cars in LA except my car and my friend's cars because driving people around everywhere would get really annoying. Since we would be the only ones with cars we would all quit our jobs and start a cab company, all the roads are still intact. We would be wildly successful but a few years down the road everything would fall apart because of all the infighting. Eventually a Lifetime movie would be made and Renee would be happy.
3) Luxembourg


Laura said...

What do you have against Luxembourg?

AmyJune said...

luxembourg??? explain please.

Renee said...

1) good choice
2) you damn right
3) i hate that sneaky "o" too. just spell it the way it sounds . . . geesh!

Tiffany said...

i have nothing against luxembourg. i just think it would be fun to destroy a completely land locked country and turn it into a lake, i think europe would enjoy a new massive lake.

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